Tips for using your Choopa Board™

For best results:
  • Apply board to a clean dry surface, FREE of cleaning solutions. Some solutions may interfere with the ability and duration to maintain a strong suction.
  • USE on FLAT non-porous surfaces such as; stainless steel, glass, granite and some veneer/laminated surfaces. Not recommended on Formica, porous tile and stone or any other porous surface. NOTE: some stainless steel surfaces, in particular GE Profile and GE Monogram brands, with brushed steel may not be the best surface for your Choopa Board™.
  • Test your Choopa Boardon your desired surface. Place at a low height to be sure it’s the right surface.
  • Moisten suction cups with plain or soapy water prior to placing. Then push each corner onto surface (you may hear a “squeak” sound when pushing each suction cup onto surface).
  • INSPECT suction cups periodically to ensure suction isn’t lost. If so, then remove board by lifting the suction cups from the surface (unsealing) and remoisten. Suction Cups do NOT permanently remain suctioned. It is recommended that you periodically inspect your board to ensure suction isn’t lost.
  • DO NOT PULL BOARD TO REMOVE FROM SURFACE. Break the seal by lifting the edge of each suction cup.
  • DO NOT Overload board. Max weight capacity is 5 lbs.
  • Children should be supervised while playing at Choopa Board .
  • CAUTION: DO NOT hang on or pull on board.
  • Can be used as a dry erase board with dry erase markers only.
  • Wipe board clean with a damp cloth or paper towel using water only