Important Note: Unfortunately, our products are NOT RECOMMENDED FOR GE Profile, GE Monogram, Thermadore AND some SAMSUNG Stainless Steel appliances. Suction cups will not adhere to these brands for longer than a couple hours. Do not purchase if applying to these brands.


  • Nicolette Haug

    Hi I have a Samsung R528jbedbsr/aa will the choopaboard work on this fridge? I have the regular stainless steel one. (Not the fingerprint resistant one) please let me know at your earliest connivence ! We have been looking for something to let us showcase photos an save the dates etc!

  • Dani

    Hello. I have a Kenmore refrigerator that has a slight curve to it. Will the ChoopaBoard adhere to it?

  • STacey

    You say some Samsungs, I have a Samsung RF28HDEDBSR, will it work on this fridge?

  • Angela

    Do the choopa boards work on Fisher and Paykel fridges? Also, do the suction cups create any damage?
    If my magnets do adhere to the fridge, will they damage the finish?

  • Mary Reardon

    Have you had any problems with the ChoopaBoard on a Kenmore Elite fridge?

  • Dana

    Jill, your question regarding mounting the Choopaboard with Command Mounting Strips is a good one. The purpose of the Choopaboard is to allow you to attach it to the refrigerator without the need of tape (Command Strips) or other more permanent mounting hardware. The four suction cups allow for you to adhere the board to the refrigerator easily without damaging it.

  • Dana

    Jeff, thank you for your interest. The ChoopaBoard should adhere to the LG fridges, if applied properly. There has been one report of a larger sized board having issues but were not told of the particular model.

  • Jill

    I have a stainless steel Samsung refrigerator, which I sadly found out was not magnetic after delivery. Can the ChoopaBoard be attached to my refrigerator with Command Mounting Strips?

  • jeff

    what about LG ? any problems with their fridges?

  • Dana

    Elise, thank you for your interest in the ChoopaBoard. The Kenmore Pro is not a brand that we have had any trouble with the board not sticking. Please place an order. If you find that there is any issue, and it does not work, we will happily accept a return.

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